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Wine tourism - My personal list of interesting reads and wine destinations


We can travel! (mostly). & enjoy the wines of the world! (kind of)... So whilst the government make a decision (unlikely) regarding where exactly we 'can' and 'can't' go why not start planning for your next wine adventure whilst we wait for alllll of this to blow over.

I have put together a list for you lovely lot of interesting articles, blogs and research papers for those of you who are looking around for some ideas of what to do next to tickle your wine and travel bug OR if you're lucky enough to be apart of own a winery/estate check out the social and economic tourism papers giving you direct information from global case studies put together by some brilliant academics!

Wine Tastings and tours around the globe [online] available at:

An online blog guide to over two and thousand potential wine experiences globally, this blog shows us how to get the most out of wine tourism depending on what you are pursuing on your journey. It also gives advice on how to taste wine and pair with favourite cuisines and offers links to ‘outstanding’ wine tastings and tours.

Wine Tourism & Wine Travel Blog [online] available at:

A personal blog showing an individual’s experience on wine tourism around the world. Giving an insight in personal favourites as well as how to find various wine tours focused within Europe. They also incorporate local foods and general travel tips explorers and lovers of wine and viticulture.

Food and wine tourism: a growing and evolving industry in Australia [online] available at:

An online article showing us, the reader, an insight into the food and wine tourism of Australia taken from five featured individual research projects supplied by the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre that helps aid Australia’s social & economic development

How to create a successful wine tourism business Article 2018 [online] available at:

An online article offering short 6 step guide focused on Californian wine tourism to help improve established wineries whilst comparing that to the success of France’s tourism in the previous and current years.

This article offers information relating to the four main types of wine tourism and how to manipulate these to fit a unique practice to best achieve your desired audience and outcome. Also looking at the 3 different types of customers you may experience and how to offer a successful experience to each.

Olga O. 2012

Wine tourism. An opportunity for the development of wine industry

Bucharest, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania.

A case study written by an economic student in Romania comparing the southern hemisphere and Europe to Romanian’s wine tourism and how to potentially help elevate popularity regarding the Romanian wine industry/tourism by looking directly at factors that influence attraction and motivation for tourists.

Marianna S. and Richard N.S.R, 2019 (ed. 23)

Springer International Publishing, Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

A book evaluating various international case studies submitted by expert academics to provide useful insights for professionals and students on how to achieve a wine tourism destination with a holistic approach. Aimed at entrepreneurs as well as already established wineries/wine destinations.

Wikipedia Article 2021 [online] available at:

An online article giving us an overview of current international wine tourism and notorious wineries to visit that have an achieved successful wine tourism as well as potential future projection and ideas on what to expect regarding enotourism.

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